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Plasma Cutting System | MAXPRO200

Supplier: SMENCO

The MAXPRO200 Plasma Cutting System is engineered to deliver maximum productivity for the most demanding heavy-duty, high-capacity handheld cutting and gouging applications.

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The MAXPRO200 Plasma Cutting System is engineered for extreme handheld cutting and gouging applications.

Handheld Cutting

  • 200 amp handheld torch capable of severing up to 75 mm (3") for demolition, scrapping and other heavy-duty cutting demands.
  • Drag-cutting technology allows the shield to touch the work piece without damaging the nozzle and other consumables.
  • MAXPRO200 drag-cutting shield is designed to make it easy to follow a line or template for smooth, consistent cuts.
  • MAXPRO200 cuts mild steel, stacked metal and non-ferrous materials.
  • 90º and 65º handheld torches are available to meet demands of a wide range of handheld cutting applications.
  • Easily change from handheld cutting to handheld air plasma gouging – by changing two consumable parts.
  • Quickly transition between cutting, gouging, mechanized and handheld processes with automatic settings, tool-free leads and quick disconnect mechanized torches.

Handheld Gouging

  • Heavy duty metal removal rate of up to 18.7 kg/hr (41.2 lbs/hr) on mild steel enable the MAXPRO200 to meet the most demanding plasma gouging applications.
  • Plasma gouging can replace grinding or carbon arc gouging for many metal-removal applications.
  • Unlike carbon-arc gouging, there is no risk of metallurgical problems (e.g. high hardness or cracking) from carbon contamination.
  • The long MAXPRO200 plasma arc, up to 75 mm (3"), provides excellent visibility.
  • Gouge ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • No vibration with plasma gouging, unlike using drills, saws, cutting discs and grinders for metal removal.
  • Plasma gouging reduces noise and smoke compared with other thermal gouging methods.

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