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Plastic Laminates | Tefor Automotive

Supplier: ABET

Plastic Laminates,Tefor Automotive is entirely recyclable and re usable.

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Plastic Laminates | Tefor Automotive

Sheets of material obtained from recycled manufacturing wastes. It is entirely recyclable and re-usable. It is made of thermoplastic polymers and cellulose fibres impregnated with thermosetting resins at different degrees of polycondensation.

Tefor's chemical composition gives excellent resistance to water absorption, which has clear advantages for application in damp environments. Tefor's important physical and mechanical properties derive from the particular chemical composition of the extender (HPL).

Tefor can be easily thermoformed in plants using the established moulding techniques by compression or in a vacuum. In granulated form it can be used in injection pressing processes. Tefor can also be enhanced by surfacing it with textiles or plastic film or can be coloured in mass in the colours requested.