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Playground - Rubber Mulch Playgrounds

Supplier: Rubber Mulch

Playground - Rubber Mulch Playgrounds, In properly maintained playground applications, rubber mulch will reduce the occurance of fall injuries.

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Playground - Rubber Mulch Playgrounds

Please note that rubber mulch can only help reduce injuries from a fall not prevent them.
Two types of rubber material are used in play areas in todays market. loose fill and soft fall.

Loose fill consists of shreds of rubber from 1 to 3 cm in length and does not contain asbestos nor fiberglass as reinforcement fibers rubber mulch australias recommendation is to use playgound flooring that "gives” such as comparison between recycled tyres and other loose fill playarea materials at a depth of 20cm. It was reported that recycled rubber had roughly twice the cushioning effect of other material.