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PLC Peripherals

The company has specialised in providing high reliability industrial computer equipment and solutions to many of the major manufacturing companies in Australia, New Zealand and across the Asia-Pacific rim. The industrial division of the company trades as PLC Peripherals and has become the specialist division for providing system software and hardware solutions for industrial applications. Today, PLC Peripherals is widely recognised for providing such solutions to industry incorporating Real Time product lines, Machine Control Hardware and Software and Industrial PC networking componentry.

Our company has represented a number of international distribution lines in Australia and New Zealand, for many years, including RTP Corporation whose equipment controls and monitors more than 75% of American Nuclear Power Stations and more than 35% of International Nuclear Power Stations; MODCOMP Inc a manufacturer of very high performance computers used by NASA at the Canberra Deep Space Tracking Station; and Computer Technology Corporation - a manufacturer of Industrial Touch screen workstations and software. Custom electronic equipment has been designed and manufactured in Australia as required.

Not only does our company concern itself with Industrial measurement and Communication, our involvement with Satellite and Internet Communications is highly regarded. We are one of only fourteen companies in Australia that holds a space system license, issued by the Australian Communications Authority. This allows us to communicate with other 2-way satellites, on the other side of the world.

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Our business success over the years can be attributed to providing appropriate and on-time solutions to our customers. We feel that in achieving this, there is a balance between putting customer requirements first and ensuring end to end product quality and service. PLC Peripherals are renown for providing an open-ended quality service; this is our commitment to quality and service.

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