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PM Lubricants

PM Lubricants | High Quality, High Performance Lubricants

PM Lubricants

PM Lubricants Australia, an all Australian lubricant company with a simple aim, to produce and distribute the finest quality lubricants in the world.

PM specialises in formulating and marketing exceptionally high quality, high performance, time and money saving lubricants.

The PM range of lubricants are the only Australian lubricants guaranteed to reduce your fleet operating costs by an average 15%. No other lubricant manufacturer can make this promise. If your bottom line would look better with another 15%, you need to use PM Lubricants.

Our primary goal is to design and provide the best lubricants possible along with the best predictive and preventative maintenance lubricant technology available.

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Since 1982, PM Lubricants engine oils have been doing up to 100,000 kilometres or 1,000 hours and more between oil drains in road transport, agricultural, earth moving, marine and industrial diesel engines and up to 50,000 kilometres in petrol engines with total safety and minimal wear.

Providing the world's finest lubrication solutions PM Lubricants is an invited member of Australian Technology Showcase since 1982, using PM's unique Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication ConceptĀ® is genuinely guaranteed to cut your vehicle, machinery and equipment fleet operating costs by a proven 15%.

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