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PM6-IE Analog Input Panel Mount Display

Supplier: Amalgamated Instrument Co

The PM6 panel mount display features easy to use set up programming functions. Changes to the settings are made using three pushbuttons located at the rear of the instrument.

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The PM6-IE accepts DC inputs of ±20mA, 4-20mA, ±100mV, ±1V, ±10V and ±100V and may be scaled to read directly in your engineering units. The instrument may be scaled without the need for test equipment, simply by entering in the display values for the upper and lower limits of the selected range.

The PM6 may also be calibrated on line by entering in the actual process values at two points. For applications requiring non linear calibration sixteen point X, Y linearisation and a square root extractor functions are included.

The high accuracy design allows for calibration within the pre-defined ranges, for example a 0 to 100mV input may be displayed using the 0-1V range and will be scalable over the full 4 digit display range with a minimum resolution of 1 in 20,000.

The large high brightness 20mm red LED display provides excellent visibility, even in brightly lit areas. A special feature of the PM6 is the programmable display brightness, which allows the display intensity to be reduced to conserve power or to reduce glare in darker areas.

The display brightness can also be switched to the preset level by a remote input. This enhances the flexibility of the indicator in differing ambient light conditions The PM6 is packaged in a rugged industrial 1/8 DIN panel mount enclosure, with a behind panel depth of only 115mm.

Features of PM6-IE Analog Input Panel Mount Display:

  • Measures DC inputs within the user selectable ranges of ±20mA, 4-20mA, ±100mV, ±1V, ±10V or ±100V
  • 4 digit high brightness LED display
  • Large 20mm high digits - Viewing distance up to 10m
  • Programmable/switchable display brightness, helps to reduce glare in low light environments Ideal for automotive or marine ”in cab” applications
  • Visual indication of high or low setpoint - display can be set to flash value
  • Easily scaled to read in engineering units e.g. Litres/sec., kPa, etc.
  • Can be scaled without the need for test equipment or special tools
  • Pushbutton setup of scaling & functions
  • Calibration and set up data stored in EEPROM
  • Programmable decimal point
  • Programmable digital filter, improves stability
  • Up to 16 point X, Y lineariser table
  • Square root extractor
  • Leading zero blanking
  • Inbuilt transmitter supply. AC supply models: 18 to 24VDC unreglated, 25mA max. DC supply models: 15VDC unregulated at 25mA maximum.
  • Choice of power supplies - 240 VAC, 110VAC, 24VAC or isolated 12 to 48V DC (factory configured)
  • DIN size 96mm x 48mm bezel
  • Microprocessor based design
  • Computer tested and pre-calibrated
  • Rugged aluminium enclosure
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Remote input to perform special functions e.g. maximum, minimum, zero, peak hold, display hold or display brightness

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