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Pneumatic conveying like walking on air

Supplier: Burkert Fluid Control Systems
09 October, 2006

Bürkert’s Type 8750 Flow Controller system (FMR) offers a fully integrated and more precise method of pneumatic conveying of solids including grains, powders and granulated materials. The FMR is compact, reliable and robust for hard-working applications. The unit is stand-alone, and requires no connection with remote devices.

This proven Bürkert technology provides enhanced control for pneumatic conveying applications for the chemical, food and beverage, plastics and pharmaceutical industries.

Cost effective for moderate to high flow applications, the FMR is a complete system for the calculation and control of flow rates. 

Efficiencies are achieved via accurate continuous and precise control of the flow media (air), and accuracy in measurement of the solid product.  The FMR system measures and controls volumetric flow rates on the differential pressure principle, using a smart control valve and two pressure transmitters (with optional temperature controller).

The pressure drop over the control valve, acting as a restrictor, is measured continuously via the pressure sensors.  This pressure difference and the valve flow characteristics determine volumetric flow for the application.  The measured volumetric flow is compared with setpoint and system parameters, with completely integrated real flow determination and control.

The 8750 FMR system entails low operating costs and low air/gas consumption for economical performance.  Gentle on the solid product being conveyed, with negligible abrasion or breakdown of the product, the 8750 FMR ensures minimal wear on piping infrastructure. 

The FMR is suited to air and gases as standard (liquid and steam media on request).  Operating at 0ºC - 80ºC and to 16 bar pressure, the FMR is precise to ±3% which is considerably higher than the precision achieved with conventional pneumatic valve lines.

The FMR has been applied to successful conveying applications for solid products including roasted beans, chips, granulates, capsules, cohesive powders, briquettes, plastics, small parts, nuts, beads, pigments, powders, redispersable agglomerates, carbon prill, abrasive powders, salts, sand, sprayed granules and tablets.

The FMR is designed to act independently, and incorporates an automatic process tune for self-regulation and functionality.  The FMR may be also controlled via integration with industrial network systems, including Profibus and DeviceNet. 

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