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Pocket Eyewash Flask

Supplier: G & A First Aid Supplies

Ideally, there should be an eyewash station within arm’s reach wherever there is a danger of eye injury from flying particles or chemical splashes. But when this just isn't possible, Tobins 200ml Pocket Flask will help save valuable seconds by allowing washing of the eye to begin even before you reach the eyewash station. Tobins Pocket Flask is designed to be carried in the breast pocket, or in a belt holster for fast application. Single and double wire brackets are also available for vehicle use. The flask is simple to open and is used in a FORWARD leaning position which allows a person to move freely and reach an eyewash station faster. Ideal for use in building sites or laboratories, for cleaners, dangerous goods handling, and in any mobile working conditions.

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Pocket Eyewash Flask

Product Features

  • Eye support ring
    Allows easy positioning of the bottle for optimum washing of the affected eye. A plastic cover protects the eye support ring from dirt and damage.
  • No mechanical parts
    The blow-moulded bottle has no moving or mechanical parts to malfunction. The bottle is simple to open and easy to use.
  • Single Use
    The bottle is low cost and once the seal is broken, the whole unit should be discarded to prevent microbial contamination.
  • Clearly labeled
    Labels show easy-to-follow instructions for use, with the expiry date clearly shown.
  • Shelf Life
    Each bottle has a 3 year shelf life
  • Sterile and ready to use
    The bottle is filled with 200ml 0.9% saline, then heat sealed and sterilised – no need for costly refills or treatments to maintain fluid quality.
  • Designed for comfort
    The compact bottle is contoured to allow it to be comfortably carried in the breast pocket or a in a belt holster. It weighs only 200g, measuring 17cm x 8cm x 3cm.