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Polarized Sunglasses

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Polarized sunglasses eliminate glare

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Polarized Sunglasses

Glare that is reflected from road or water surfaces can create hazardous working conditions.

Plain tinting reduces the overall level of light reaching your eyes but it does not control reflected glare. By Polarising the light passing through your safety glasses reflected glare can be mostly eliminated.

Tinted Polarised lenses control the light so that you can actually see through the glare. Polarised lenses offer the best protection for workers who have to spend a lot of time outdoors. Polarised lenses are available in most types of spectacle lens designs.

What is Polarised light and Glare?

When light reflects off a smooth, reflective surface, it goes through a process called polarisation. The light waves literally 'polarise' on a plane - they all travel in the same direction (parallel). This intensifies the rays, making harmful rays even more harmful.

This process produces disturbing optical 'noise' or simply put, glare. Glare reduces your colour and depth perception and causes eyestrain.

Much of the light around us is already polarised. Mirror-like reflections from shiny horizontal surfaces, such as roads, snow, sand and water consist largely of light that has been horizontally polarised in the process of reflection.

Polarised lenses, with their transmission axis set vertically, block the horizontally polarised light reflected from road surfaces.

How does Polarisation work?

Polarisation filters work like mini Venetian blinds, to cut out the organised light and let the random light through the lens, to eliminate glare and reduce eye fatigue.

In simple terms, the polarising filter reduces glare by reducing the volume of waves and limiting disorganised waves from entering the eye. This allows for excellent colour recognition and depth perception but most importantly, significantly reduces eye fatigue.

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