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PolyCom Stabilising Aid

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PolyCom Stabilising Aid is used to build high-performance pavements, road shoulders, mine sites, haul roads, embankments, airstrips, hardstands and container yards from naturally occurring materials.

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Build stronger roads that resist traffic wear and water ingress

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is used to improve the quality of sealed and unsealed roads. When added to roads during road maintenance and construction, PolyCom creates a tight, smooth pavement that resists water and traffic erosion. PolyCom treated roads can be sealed immediately after compaction.

The surface of a PolyCom treated area is comparable to one treated with lime and cement, however PolyCom is easier to apply, reworkable at any time and more cost-effective. 

Transform poor materials into a strong pavement

PolyCom can be used to turn most naturally occurring materials into a high integrity pavement, including those deemed unsuitable for road use in the past, such as sandy clay and black dirt.

A little PolyCom goes a long way

PolyCom comes in powder form in 2kg packs for easy handling and minimal freight costs. Designed with simplicity in mind, a 2kg pack of PolyCom transforms 1000 tonnes of material into a water resistant pavement.

Reduce re-grading and re-sheeting on unsealed roads

Unsealed roads treated with PolyCom last four to six times longer than untreated roads, which reduces re-grading and re-sheeting by four to six times. 

By reducing the need to re-sheet unsealed roads, trucking in material is is heavily reduced. This cuts cartage costs, labour costs and fuel costs, and prevents further damage to surrounding roads that might otherwise need more maintenance. 

Reduced maintenance requirments save wear and tear on works machinery, and frees up works crews to focus on other infrastructure projects.

PolyCom is easy to apply

Applied dry, PolyCom is spread from a customised spreader attached to the back of a works vehicle during road construction and maintenance. 

Water is then added to the road from a water cart to bring the road materials to optimum moisture, before the road is compacted with a pad foot or multi wheel roller.

Unsealed roads can be opened to traffic as soon as they have been compacted. Alternatively, the PolyCom treated road base can be sealed without delay.

More PolyCom benefits

  • PolyCom treated roads better withstand water and traffic erosion
  • The intervals between grading and maintenance are substantially increased
  • This is followed by a reduction in maintenance required
  • Followed by a significant reduction in costs and water usage
  • In many cases re-sheeting can be eliminated
  • Transport is reduced - no trucks are required for transport, easing the burden of further damage on connecting roads

Reduce your carbon footprint with PolyCom

  • PolyCom does not leach into storm water drainage
  • Road material can be recycled when using PolyCom
  • PolyCom rduces the dependency on trucks, diesel and quarries
  • Material compacted with reduces sediment run-off into storm water drains

For more information on PolyCom Stabilising Aid, please visit our website or contact us below for a direct reply. 

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