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Polyurethanes for Automotive Applications

Supplier: Ariel Industries

Polyurethanes for Automotive Applications, Polyurethanes are extensively used in the automotive sector with up to 20Kg on average being used in a passenger vehicle.

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Polyurethanes for Automotive Applications
They are often used to solve problems by automotive design engineers:

Advancing vehicle safety

There are a number of ways in which polyurethanes are used to enhance the safety of vehicle occupants: from impact absorbing bumpers to the inclusion of energy-management foam pads in the cabin to protect occupants in collisions. Governments around the world are following the USA, where legislation was introduced in the late 1990's setting new standards of vehicle occupant safety.

Enhancing Owner Satisfaction

Consumers are becoming more discriminating in their demand for stylish vehicles with attractive exteriors and highly comfortable interiors. Polyurethanes has often provided an expressive outlet for design creativity. Polyurethane components can be tailored to a wide range of stylish shapes, with a variety of density and hardness that gives vehicle owners the look they desire as well as the outstanding ergonomic comfort and support. Acoustic foams are used to lower noise and vibration levels, in general the cockpit shape has modified to provide a wrap-around effect thanks to the ease of design provided by Polyurethane.