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Portable Capstan Winch | PCW5000, PCT1800 & PCH100

Supplier: Specialised Force

5000 lb of portable pulling power, where you need it – a portable capstan winch, powered by a 4-cycle HondaTM GXH-50cc engine, now also available - the PCT1800 230V Electric Pulling/Lifting Winch, and the PCH1000 Petrol Powered Pulling/Lifting Winch.

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PCW5000 Portable Capstan Winch

Whenever you have cables you need to pull in a remote location, or if you need to lift tools or hardware to the top of a power pole, or just  need to pull loads while away from conventional power sources, the Portable Capstan Winch, designed and manufactured in Canada by Portable Winch Co. will put up to 5000 lb (2272 kg) of pulling power at your finger tips.

This new winch, powered by a durable and trouble-free 4-cycle, 2.5hp (1.8kW) engine from Honda, delivers 2500 lb (1136 kg) of force single line at a speed of 40 feet/minute (12 meters/minute). When doubling the line with a snatch block, a force of 5000 lb (2272 kg) is applied to the load at a speed of 20 feet/minute (6 meters/minute). The 3-stage gearbox has a ratio of 110:1 and is built with high-strength gear material in a light-weight aluminum housing, for a total weight (dry) of only 33 lb (15 kg).

The Portable WinchTM is very easy to use. Simply anchor it to a tree, stump or post using the polyester sling included, or anchor it to a standard trailer ball up to 2'' (50 mm) diameter mounted on a car, truck, ATV or tractor using the optional hitch plate or the new receiver hitch attachment. Attach a low-stretch double-braid polyester rope to the load, wrap it around the capstan 2 or 3 turns, start the engine and pull!

Thanks to the capstan concept, there is no limit to the rope length being used because the line does not accumulate on the drum. This also provides constant pulling power (equivalent to 1st layer pull rating on standard winches). Equipped with an internal anti-reversing brake, the winch is safe to use in situations where the load must be prevented from rolling back.

The designers of the Portable Winch incorporated many features to make it useful in diverse situations. This is why a larger drum (3-3/8'' – 50 mm diameter) is offered as an option if you need to pull smaller loads (up to 1350 lb - 614 kg) at a faster rate - up to 60 feet (18 meters) per minute. The drum can be replaced in the field in 2 minutes, using a simple 4 mm hex wrench.

PCT1800 Portable Capstan Winch

Whenever you need to pull or lift something, whether it's a cable, a transformer, your truck, or anything else, you now have access to 1800 lb (820 kg) of portable pulling power or 555lb (250kg) of lifting power to work anywhere!

Powered by a dependable 3/4 HP BaldorTM 230V electric motor, the capstan Portable WinchTM will pull 1800 lb (820 kg) or lift  555lb (250kg) at speeds of up to 35 ft/minute (10.5 m/min).

Weighing only 60 lb (27kgs), the Portable WinchTM is easily carried and can be anchored to anything using the 6' (1.83m) long sling provided or the hitch plate for vehicles.

The 1800 lb (820kgs) pulling capacity of the Portable WinchTM compares with ATV electric winches but offers more advantages:

  • Portability (anchors to any tree or stump)
  • 25% duty cycle
  • Constant pulling power (standard winches are rated for 1st layer pull)
  • Unlimited rope length
  • No kinks, pig tails or barbs on rope


  • Engine: HondaTM 4-stroke, GHX-50 cc
  • Line speed: 25-60 ft/min (7.6-12 m/min)
  • Direct line pull: 990 lb (450kgs)
  • Direct line lift: 555 lb (250kgs)
  • Weight: 42 lb (19kgs)

A complete line of accessories is offered in order to optimise the winch's performance and to expand the scope of its applications. Ropes of different lengths and diameters, pulley blocks, carabiners, slings and skidding cone are few examples of accessories carefully selected or specially designed to make your task easier and safer.

A new padded waterproof case with removable casters and folding handle is also available, allowing secure transportation and storage of the Portable Winch kit. The case, which carries a lifetime warranty, will store and protect the winch, rope and many accessories.
The Portable Winch is guaranteed for 5 years against any defect in materials and workmanship. This will ensure trouble-free performance for many years of intensive use.

Already sold in many countries, including Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Norway, USA and of course Canada, this quality product is now available in Australia from Specialised Force P/L.

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