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Portable Handheld Oil in Water Analyser | TD-500D

Supplier: HMA Group

The TD-500D Portable Handheld Oil in Water Analyser is an accurate low cost and user friendly portable device for oil in water/oil in soil analysis. It is a dual-channel, handheld fluorometer.

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Designed for quick, easy and reliable measurements of crude oil, fuel oil, lube oil, diesel, gas condensates and refined hydrocarbons in water or soil. The TD-500D Portable Handheld Oil in Water Analyser, when properly calibrated with a correlation method or a known standard, can be used to measure the hydrocarbon concentrations of water samples in less than 4 minutes.

Other Features:

  • Fluorescence Technology
  • Dual Channel: Channel A provides the extreme sensitivity required to monitor very low hydrocarbon concentrations and for detecting weakly fluorescent hydrocarbons such as gas condensates, diesel fuel and refined petroleum products.
  • Channel B was designed for those applications where a wide concentration range is more important than high sensitivity. Channel B is ideal for the analysis of produced water samples where crude oil concentrations can vary from low levels to over one thousand parts-per-million.
  • Dual Channel reduces operator error and minimises slovent use
  • Fastest analysis procedure (<4 minutes/sample) with fewest steps (4)
  • Compatible wth all popular extraction solvents
  • No solvent evaporation
  • Easy calibration with oil standards or correlation to other methods
  • Minimum detection limit: <1ppm for most oils
  • Portable, hand held, weighs about 14oz (400 grams)
  • Measures Water Soluble Organics at pH<2
  • No interference from methanol
  • Accurate and highly repeatable
  • Correlates to standard laboratory gravimetric and IR methods in most applications
  • CheckPOINT® solid calibration check standard
  • Disposable cuvettes
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries
  • Measurements per battery change >1,000
  • CE IP67, dust-proof, waterproof, non-metallic
  • ISO 9001/2000 certified

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