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Powder Coatings | Interpon A4000 & 4500

Supplier: Interpon Powder Coatings

Interpon A4000 offers a wide range of high quality powder coatings that will protect, enhance and decorate automotive alloy wheels.

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Choose from basecoats, primers and clearcoats, safe in the knowledge that your coating benefits from super durability and superior scratch, chemical and chip resistance. 

The Interpon A4000 range of powders also offer benefits from qualities such as excellent transparency and a selection of metallics, effect textures and specials processes are also available. The superior stability and ease-of-use of A4000 powders result in increased production efficiencies and reduced rework rates.

Interpon A4000 Clearcoats

Interpon A4000 acrylic clearcoat is the OEM standard in the aluminum wheel market. With outstanding application consistency and film performance (tested to all major OEMs specifications) Interpon A4000 Clearcoats offer a unique smoothness. The range is resistant to a wide range of wheel and tyre cleaners and boasts excellent chip and corrosion resistance. 

The assortment comprises of durable polyester clears that are still used for their flexibility and formability. However the star-performers, boasting over ten years commercial success, are the Interpon A4000 Acrylic Clears providing unmatched quality in transparency and superior smoothness.

Interpon A 4000 Primers

Interpon A4000 offers a complete line of primers. The first layer in a multi-coat system, primers have an essential job to do. Not only do they determine the final smoothness of the coating system, primers also contribute significantly to the corrosion and chip resistance provided to the substrate.

Interpon A4000 primers have been formulated to work with a variety of base coat formulations and curing conditions and offer excellent levelling and smoothness as well as superior corrosion and chip resistance. What’s more they do not require sanding and can also be formulated to minimize the risk of out gassing.

Interpon A4000 Basecoats

A large family of coatings developed specifically to meet the demanding specifications of automotive OEMs, Interpon A 4000 basecoats offer the quality, durability and protective advantages that come as standard with Interpon.

Eliminating the need for a primer, Interpon A4000 basecoats offer good machinability and are stocked in a range of medium to darker metallics. With high level approvals from numerous global OEMs, Interpon A4000 basecoats are suitable for both the OEM and aftermarket.

In a nutshell

Interpon A4000 for wheels includes:

  • Superior UV durability
  • First rate transparency
  • Scratch, chemical and chip-resistance
  • Excellent smoothness and leveling
  • Protection against out-gassing
  • Metallic and Special Effect textures available.