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Power and Grounding Connectors

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PANDUIT is a global leader in reliable termination solutions that provide ease of identification, fast installation and optimum conductivity to meet a variety of electrical applications. Terminations with Pan-Lug™ Power and Grounding Connectors are approved by UL, CSA and are the first to meet NEBS Level 3 requirements as tested by Telcordia Technologies. PANDUIT® Pan-Lug™ products include copper and aluminum compression and mechanical connectors for use with conductor sizes #14 AWG – 1000 kcmil.

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PANDUIT® StructuredGround™ System for Data Center Grounding – What You Need to Properly Protect Your Investment

Why Ground?

The grounding system is not just an insurance policy against a lightning strike. It is an active, functioning system that provides protection for personnel and equipment. Proper grounding is essential for efficient network system performance.

The purpose of the grounding system is to create a low impedance path to earth ground for electrical surges and transient voltages. Lightning, fault currents, circuit switching (motors turning on and off), and electrostatic discharge are the common causes of these surges and transient voltages. An effective grounding system minimizes the detrimental effects of these electrical surges.

PANDUIT offers end-to-end solutions to meet customer needs and today’s critical application requirements for grounding data centers. PANDUIT® StructuredGround™ System for Data Center Grounding provides a high quality, visually verifiable and dedicated grounding path to maintain system performance, improve network reliability and protect network equipment and personnel. Designed for use on racks which meet EIA-310-D and packaged in kits with factory terminated jumpers, PANDUIT® StructuredGround™ System for Data Center Grounding offers the most convenient and versatile solution.

What are the effects of improper grounding?

Decreased Efficiency
• Electrical noise is introduced on data cables when surges are not properly dissipated by the grounding system. They cause faulty data signals and dropped packets, thus decreasing the throughput and overall efficiency of your network.

Lower Reliability
• According to insurance industry data, improper grounding of communication systems leads to $500 million per year of damage to property and/or equipment due to lightning. (1)

• The Information Technology Industry Council states that grounding is the single-most important factor in reliable network equipment performance. (2)

• Industry experts estimate that 27%-33% of damaged equipment in a user’s facility is caused by electrostatic discharge. The component cost of repairing damaged equipment substantial for complex circuit boards, especially when labor and downtime are considered. (3)

• According to the IEEE, the typical AC third prong ground is almost never sufficient to prevent damage to network equipment. (4)

Safety Risks
• Personal injury from electric shock caused by improper grounding can cause immeasurable human suffering and significant expense.

• Potential fire hazards exist when heat is generated from electrical surges that find a high resistance path to ground.

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