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Power Distribution System - SVS05

Supplier: E-T-A

E-T-A have now launched the new AS-i bus capable power distribution system SVS05, meeting all requirements of automation technology with regard to reliable overcurrent protection and optimised power distribution.

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Integral comprehensive communication of operating status and failures as well as switching and resetting of individual circuits of the DC 24 V level via AS-i bus make the SVS05 an intelligent sub-system on a lower control level. The SVS05 can be individually adjusted to customer requirements and is therefore suitable for all types of industries, process control, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs industry, power plants, steel works and the automotive industry.
The base module SVS05-09 power distribution system for direct rail mounting contains nine plug-in type electronic overcurrent circuit breakers type ESS20-124 or ESX10-124 (with reset input) or ESX10-114 (with control input). The first way F0 has been reserved for protection of the PLC, the remaining 8 ways for the overcurrent protection of sensors and actuators, peripheral sub-assemblies or PROFINET modules etc. and their supply lines. The 4-way version SVS05-04 offers the best possible solution for smaller systems and their expansions.
The plus and minus terminals for the DC 24 V supply are doubled and are screwless spring-loaded terminals.
Every breaker or protector is assigned to two terminal blocks with four spring-loaded terminals each for the protected Plus and 0 V of the load lines. Four load circuits can be directly connected so that the DC 24 V control voltage is wired via the SVS05 power distribution system, which saves costs and time. The spring-loaded terminals for the individual load outputs also work as potential disconnection terminals with trouble-shooting.
For the first time all advantages of the well-proven actuator-sensor-interface have been transferred to the protection of DC 24 V circuit by using AS-i-bus technology. With the SVS05-09 typical power distribution system, yellow bifilar cables transmit fault conditions of the eight circuits to the PLC. Via the same AS-i-bus the electronic circuit breakers or protectors ESS20 and ESX10 can receive a remote reset or ON/OFF command after a disconnection because of an overload. For single signal wiring of the SVS05-09 power distribution system only the bifilar AS-I bus cable will be connected instead of otherwise at least 18 cables for signalling and control. The two AS-I modules ASIMO-05-100 allow a simultaneous transfer of signalling and controlling signals.
The ASIMO modules fit into the two coded slots and are supplied directly via the SVS05 power distribution system. LEDs visually indicate the module supply, the present switching state and possible faults in the periphery. Occurring faults will directly be reported to the AS-I Master.