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Power Quality Products

Supplier: ABB Australia

With the advent of efficient, fast and compact power electronic devices, ABB has developed new products to improve power quality in industrial manufacturing and processing environments.

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With greater manufacturing automation, equipment is becoming more sensitive and as a result electricity consumers are more aware of the negative effects disturbances in the power supply can have on their processes. A short sag (or voltage dip) in the supply voltage can shut down an entire production line in highly sensitive industries such as computer chip manufacturing, printing, and textiles.

ABB offers a comprehensive selection of power protection solutions that allow performance to be optimally matched to the application requirement.

The ABB Active Voltage Conditioner (AVC2) is an inverter based system that protects sensitive industrial and commercial loads from voltage disturbances.

It provides fast, accurate voltage sag and surge correction as well as continuous voltage regulation and load voltage compensation. It has been optimally designed to provide the required equipment immunity from the level of voltage sags expected on the AC supply network.

The AVC2 is available in load capacities of 160kVA - 30MVA and has an operating efficiency exceeding 98%. It offers extremely fast response to three-phase sags down to 70%, and single-phase sags down to 55% on the AC supply network.

Standard models offer enhanced performance allowing correction of voltage sags and surges. All AVC2 models provide continuous regulation within +/-10% of the nominal mains voltage and also remove voltage unbalance from the supply.

The Automatic Voltage Conditioner is a cost effective alternative to conventional UPS systems.

User Benefits

• Fast (sub-cyclic) response
• Simple user controls
• Rugged overload capability
• Short circuit protected
• Extensive diagnostics
• Fault log and voltage event data logging
• Ethernet connectivity
• Modular construction

System Benefits

• Full correction, three-phase sags down to 70% retained voltage and single-phase sags down to 55% retained voltage
• Partial correction, three-phase sags down to 30% retained voltage
• Partial correction, single-phase sags down to 0% retained voltage
• Continuous “ONLINE” regulation
• Correction for voltage vector phase angle errors created by faults in the supply
• Voltage unbalance correction


• Flicker correction
• Medium voltage systems
• Custom cabinet design
• Transformer mounted externally
• Customised transformer-enclosure for indoor or outdoor installation
• 40% Correction

Case Studies

"ABB Voltage Conditioner helps the mail go through"
AVC 100kVA Mail Sorting Machine

"High technology industries protected with AVC"
AVC 108MVA Semiconductor FAB

"Solar cell manufacturer benefits from AVC"
AVC 1600kVA Solar Cell Manufacturer

"Amcor Flexibles benefit from ABB 1MVA Voltage Conditioner"
AVC 1MVA Plastic Film Extruder Plant

"Liquor bottling plant eliminates shutdowns with AVC"
AVC 2000kVA Liquor Bottling Plant

"No Delay at Hong Kong Cargo Terminal with AVC"
 AVC 300kVA Hong Kong Cargo Terminal

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