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Power Semiconductors

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Richardson Electronics offers a broad line of Power Semiconductors to meet your requirements. Our technical expertise saves you time and money, whether it means choosing the exact replacement component or retrofitting an existing unit. A communications network that links more than 60 locations worldwide supports an extensive product inventory.

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Darlington Transistor - transistors configured where the emitter of one transistor is driving the base of the next transistor.
Darlington Transistors to 1200 volts and 600 amps
Complete line of base drive products.
Heat Sink Assemblies - Thermal management solutions for power semiconductors.

Air and water cooled assemblies.

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) - a switching transistor controlled by voltage applied to the gate terminal.

IGBTs to 3300 volts and 1200 amps
IGBT gate drivers and power supplies
Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) - a device which is IGBT with optimized gate drive and protection circuitry.

IPMs to 1200 volts and 800 amps.

Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (Mosfet) - a voltage controlled device with very fast switching, a wide, safe operating area, and high gain.

Mosfets to 1200 volts and 200 amps.

Rectifier - a device that allows the flow of current in one direction (forward) and prevents reverse flow. It is commonly used for AC to DC conversion.

Rectifiers to 8000 amps and 5800 volts
Diode modules to 2200 volts and 500 amps
Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) - a device which not only blocks voltage in both forward and reverse, but also allows the flow of current in a forward direction with the application of a control signal.

Phase Control and Inverter SCRs to 4000 amps and 6500 volts
SCR modules to 2200 volts and 500 amps