Power unit enhances truss moving control

Supplier: Custom Fluidpower
10 September, 2010

A truss moving equipment manufacturer approached Custom Fluidpower to assist with alternative power solutions for their equipment.

The purpose of the truss moving equipment is to eliminate the need for manual handling of truss frames, reducing the risk of work place injuries.

As part of this focus on safety, the manufacturer wished to move away from their existing electric power supply to a hydraulic system. The reason for this was to decrease the risk of electric shock injury through the use of tools made of conductive materials and operator error.

The equipment was powered by an electric motor which operated an electromechanical linear actuator. Custom Fluidpower replaced the electric motor with hydraulic power units which removed the risk involved with electricity by removing the power from the equipment frame and also allows for better control.

To replace the electromechanical linear actuator, Custom Fluidpower installed a cylinder controlled by a rotary flow divider.

The design and installation of the hydraulic system has allowed the manufacturer to increase not only safety of their equipment, but also efficiency.

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