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Powercorp Operations

Powercorp Operations | Solar & Wind Diesel Power Systems

Powercorp Operations

Powercorp was formed in 1988 in Darwin, Australia, to automate the wide variety of diesel generator power stations in Northern Australia for the Power and Water Authority.

This program encompassed some 80 communities and work has extended throughout Australia and internationally.

With the success of the automation program came the need to integrate renewable energy for fuel saving.

This work and the demand side management capability of the control system led to advanced wind diesel systems in Western Australia for Western Power Corporation.

With the winning of a Showcase grant from the Federal Government Powercorp pioneered high penetration wind diesel systems during the late 90’s.

Powercorp developed expertise in inverter technology with specialization in high speed bi- directional control to solve the grid instability problem.

With these solutions now a commercial reality Powercorp stands as the most advanced high penetration renewable energy company in the world.

This work is expanding to encompass mine sites and industrial complexes.

The company is largely research engineering based with strong capability in electrical network stabilisation and generation plant control.

It stands ready to serve any customer with grid instability problems or requiring high penetration renewable energy generation.

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Powercorp is a world leader in the design and implementation of remote power solutions.

With over 20 years of experience in remote power generation and control, our products let you build a power supply that is more reliable, lower cost and shock proofed against rising oil costs.

Get the most out of Solar

More and more communities around the world are seeing the value in converting from an exclusively diesel based generation system to one that is predominantly driven by renewable energy.

Historically commercial success has been achieved with high penetration wind diesel systems.

With Powercorp’s PowerStore grid stabilising technology installed in these wind diesel systems they are able to achieve in excess of 90% wind penetration without the need of batteries.

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