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Powered Trolley - Electrotranz Mini 500

Supplier: Electrotranz

The unique design of the "Mini" makes it one of the most versatile towing units available - which is why it is so widely used in hospitals and industry for moving all types of trolleys, from linen cargons to order picking.


The innovative, expanding hitch mechanism will fit easily to most trolleys with no modification, but the "Mini" can also be fitted with a vertical or inverted tow-pin,standard tow-ball or a custom-made hitch to fit existing trolleys.

When using drawbars, multiple trolleys can be towed in train, allowing large amounts of material to be moved easily and safely by a single operator.

Light and easy steering is achieved using the tiller control arm which incorporates all of the operating controls. A simple lever throttle and maximum speed governor give fingertip control to ensure the load is always safely under control. An Emergency Reverse button and Emergency Stop button are standard. A Battery Gauge, Power status LED and direction control switch are included in the control system.

The simple, easy-to-use tiller control system allows the operator to walk in front of the load ensuring complete safety when negotiating corners.

With its powerful 24v system, heavy-duty motor and gearbox, the "Mini" is designed to safely handle loads up to 500kg - even on slopes up to 1 in 12. In typical operating conditions, the "Mini" will travel around 15kms between charges.

Fitted with all the safety features of an Electrotranz machine, the "Mini" is designed for hard work - while virtually eliminating back and shoulder injuries for the operator.

All Electrotranz products are totally emission-free and may be used in enclosed or confined areas with complete safety.

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