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Powerful pull at bauxite mine

Supplier: Kennards Group
18 June, 2012

A Greenlee electric capstan winch, hired from Kennards Lift & Shift in Perth, helped a contractor with a major transmission cable laying project at the Boddington bauxite mine.

Complete Underground Power Installations, subcontracting to Tenix, laid 9000 metres of 66KV, 90mm copper, steel wired armour lead sheathed cable, of which 2200 metres was pulled through conduit and around bends.

The remaining 6800 metres was laid, using a cable laying machine, developed by Andrew Gorringe, the firm's managing director.

"This is very heavy cable, with 1500m on each drum and weighing 16 tonne," Gorringe said.

"As the winch worked so well the first time, we used it to pull in another 9000 metres of 66KV 150 MM cable.

"Apart from being a bit slow, it's a magnificent winch."

The winch, which was bolted to a trailer for flexibility on the mine site, has a maximum capacity of 8000lb (3.5 tonne pulling force).

One of its major features is its force gauge, which allows the pulling force to be monitored, to avoid overloading.

For this reason, it is favoured by mining companies and government utilities.

The winch has a Pelican double braided cable pulling rope, with a breaking strain of four times its maximum rated capacity.

Kennards Lift & Shift, which has hire centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, also has other cable hauling capstan winches, including 240V, 4HP and 9HP petrol, and 11HP hydraulic models.

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