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PowerSaver™ Plug

Supplier: Conservelec

PowerSaver™ will save up to 30% on household products & up to 60% on Commercial products!

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The PowerSaver™ is an electricity monitor & controller managed by a high-performance micro controller and has a proven track record around the world.

The PowerSaver™ applies to all electric induction motors producing an electricity saving of up to 30% on household products such as refrigerators and air conditioners and will save up to 60% for industrial motors by increasing the operating efficiency of motors.

Benefits of PowerSaver™ Plug:

  • Massive electricity usage reductions;
    • Up to 30% for household & commercial uses.
    • Up to 60% for industrial motors & uses.
  • Obtains High Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Customers can recoup the invested expenses within several months by reducing your electricity bills.
  • Extends the lifespan of equipment
    • PowerSaver prolongs the lifespan of equipment by increasing performance through the function of soft-start, surge protection, AVR and other electrical and mechanical reliabilities.
  • Software controlled functions with high performance micro processor;
    • Intelligent software controlled functions.
    • Real-time monitoring & managing for controlling contant speed of motor.
  • Saves maintenance cost and increases productivity;
    • Saves on maintenance by reducing the downtime of equipment.
  • Plug & Play;
    • Installation technique is not needed. Just plug it in!
    • PowerSaver starts operation immediately!
  • Soft Start;
    • Reduces the big surge of current at start-up.
    • Reduces vibration/noise & mechanical wear.
  • AVR (Automatic Votage Regulation);
    • Maintains stable output voltage.
  • Surge Protection;
    • Protects sudden increase/drop of voltage.
  • Brownout Protection;
    • Protects against low voltage.
  • Auto Reset;
    • Auto Reset protection against power overloads and dropout.
  • Reduces C02 emissions;
    • Contributes to the conservation of our natural resources.

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