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Powerstore Flywheel

Supplier: Powercorp Operations

Powercorp has developed a very rapid energy source and sink system based on a modern flywheel and bi directional inverter.

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Powerstore Flywheel

Powercorp has developed a very rapid energy source and sink system based on a modern flywheel and bi directional inverter.

Energy that is required to prevent under frequency is drawn from the flywheel at a rate of 1MW in 5msec. Alternatively the system can absorb energy surges at the same rate and prevent grid conditions being driven out of utility specifications.

The problem of power fluctuation in grids is common with the issue being most acute in soft grids such as remote area isolated networks, mine site electrical distribution and community power supply.

However the problem also exists in large networks at the end of long distribution lines, at the interconnection point of wind farms and other critical nodes. PowerStore is able to smooth all of these fluctuations and ensure utility standards are met by the electrical supply.

The PowerStore Concept.

  • Modular Inverter Design to change kW rating
  • Fully Integrated with local or grid generation
  • Highly dynamic performance with large power ratings, 500kW and 1,000kW with sub-cycle performance
  • 100% of power available at any charge level

PowerStore Applications

  • Peak Lopping - Cyclic machines / Electric Winders/Hoists / Electric Drag lines
  • Frequency Regulation - Off-Grid Gas Generation / Reduce diesel generation / Improve frequency stability
  • Electrification of Mines - Frequent Starting of Large Machines / Electric Trains / Electric Trucks for haulage

How Is PowerStore connected

  • PowerStore connects to a power system via a shunt style connection
  • PowerStore augments an existing power system; it is not necessary to add enough PowerStore’s to drive the machine, just as many to lop the peak or reduce the disturbance to a manageable level
  • HV/MV transformers can be built into the PowerStore container if necessary
  • Connection up-stream from the problem load

How is PowerStore Controlled

Frequency Sensitive

The PowerStore converters are frequency sensitive and can respond to frequency variations in less than 5ms. The PowerStore requires no additional sensors, as it is all self-contained.

Other Variables

Power. The PowerStore can utilise a power transducer placed in the field, or a control system located in a controller processes the power information to determine output. Other control methods include an 'External transducer' or 'Custom control software'.

Applications undertaken by Powercorp in the mining and renewable energy (wind/diesel) area are illustrated in the sub menu links on the right hand side under PowerStore. Other applications are being engineered such as oil rig support, industrial complex stabilization and solar diesel systems.

The technology works well in conjunction with other Powercorp products such as the Commander Control and Automation system, the Low Load Diesel (LLD) system and the Dynamic Grid Interface (DGI).

The Commander System fully automates a multiple unit power station, providing remote access and engine management etc. In case the power station is already fully automatic the PowerStore is supplied with an integration package to achieve visualization, power control and remote access.

The LLD and DGI technologies supply long term energy support which compliments the fast acting PowerStore. Illustrations of work completed by Powercorp in these other complimentary power system technologies are included in further sections of the web site.

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