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Australian-owned Powertrans designs and manufactures a range of innovative haulage systems that offer the mining industry lower cost, higher-productivity alternatives to conventional large mining trucks. We specialise in developing robust operator friendly vehicles. The Powertrans concept builds on its patented Powertrain system which, in addition to the Powertrans Prime Mover, allows up to one powered and four non-powered trailers to be placed within a "road train" combination.

Add to this the fact that the Powertrans haulage systems for both surface and underground mining have been designed for long service life. From its inception in May 2001 up to today, Powertrans has produced numerous underground trucks, over 50 heavy haul mine spec tractor/prime movers for surface haulage, over 120 Powered trailers and some 400 non powered trailers and dollies accumulating a total well in excess of 1,000,000 engine operating hours.

The company was established in 2001 to manufacture powered trailers for surface and underground mining applications. Its two key product families - the Powertrans Underground Mining Haulage and Powertrans Surface Mining Haulage systems - have proven themselves tough, reliable products that perform well in even the most demanding conditions. All Powertrans products are based on readily available off-the-shelf heavy-duty equipment and components that do not have the "mining premium" price tag.

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We have 24-hour service assistance and a full parts inventory system.

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