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PPC Coatings

PPC Coatings | Powder Coating, Sand Blasting & Welding Services

PPC Coatings

PPC Coatings have been specialising in powder coating, sand blasting and welding in the Bendigo Area for over 10 years.

In that time, the business has grown in size and reputation to be a market leader in producing quality workmanship, while being committed to innovation and improving efficiencies. The owner’s years of experience in a wide variety of projects in terms of size and type has enabled the business to continually develop its processes and technology.

While quality is the key vision for PPC Coatings, we also highly values our customers by managing each project efficiently with open communication channels between all involved parties.

PPC Coatings specialise in:

• Fencing
• Gun safes
• Tool boxes
• Security doors
• Ute trays
• Trailers
• On-site sandblasting
• In-house sandblasting

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