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Practical guide thermography for heating contractors

Supplier: Testo Australia By: Praj Perera | Marketing Manager, Testo Australia
22 February, 2018

The Australian construction and building industry is currently enjoying a remarkable upturn after several years of slow progress.

As more house approvals are processed and projects begin, construction businesses will have their work cut out as they transition from job to job.

To make this increase in demand smoother, the Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers have agreed to make the National Construction Code (NCC) available to all businesses from this month. The decision made at the Building Ministers' Forum is designed to make the Code more accessible as well as improving construction standards across the board.

According to a February 2 media statement, the Code is now available to 200,000 across Australia, up from the current 12,000 who paid close to $400 for a copy of the document. This move is expected to save Australian businesses almost $5 million in compliance fees.

The NCC sets the minimum parameters for a number of key aspects including design, construction and performance. Applicable across the country, it ensures all newly built and renovated buildings meet expectations and safety standards.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry and Science, Karen Andrews, explained the Code's role in Australian industries and believes it will prove invaluable.

"This measure will significantly reduce red tape for Australia's building industry, improve the Code's useability and ensure that Australia's building, construction and plumbing industries continue to maintain high standards," she said in a February 2 media statement.

Andrews went onto explain that an online platform will allow relevant industry authorities to make changes, then alert businesses who can check the amendments. This means they can stay abreast of industry happenings and ensure their projects are up to standard.

If businesses are interested in viewing the latest version of the NCC, the online copy is available on the Australian Building Codes Board website from this month.

Ensuring quality during every build

Structural defects in a building are obviously a huge concern, potentially putting anyone inside the structure at risk. Testo's thermal imagers can help to reveal any issues, Testo's new practical guide explains areas which facility managers need to utilise a thermal imager.

With the practical guide for building contractors.
You will find detailed information, on the following topics:

  • How to identify Energy-savings in buildings using a thermal imager
  • Thermography as an efficient measurement method in the building sector
  • Measurement conditions and demands placed on indoor and outdoor thermography


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