Precise positioning with G-Force

Supplier: Safetech
28 November, 2011

Cylinder blocks for hydraulic motors must be lifted from a container of steel castings and placed into a machining fixture - a task that requires some precise positioning.

The Problem

Prior to the G-Force, the area featured a regular jib hoist with a long, heavy swing arm. The operation was very slow and operators preferred to lift the product manually.

Product Chosen

Gorbel G-Force

Benefits of this Product

  • Operators could not continue with the task manually because it was putting them at risk for injury.
  • Precision positioning was needed for the task and a hoist is too slow and unsteady.

"The G-Force has a shorter working radius," said Jon Seboe, a manufacturing Engineer. Seboe also commented on how well the G-Force works with the magnet end tool.

Once the magnet grabs the part, the G-Force then lifts it quickly and places it precisely using the float mode feature. "Float mode is a feature we really like," said Seboe. 


  • Continue to let operators manually lift the product.
  • A hoist hanging from an overhead crane or jib.