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Precision Farming / Intellisteer Auto Steering Systems

Supplier: New Holland Agriculture

Maximise your return on investment with less waste and better yields

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IntelliSteer Auto Steering Systems

Maximise your return on investment with less waste and better yields!

New Holland IntelliSteer auto steering systems allow for extremely precise application of seed and materials. Available for New Holland TG and TJ Series tractors, IntelliSteer is an integral part of the tractor's steering system and uses global positioning technology to maintain arrow straight rows, and return to those same rows for operations later in the season.

IntelliSteer systems provide many cost-saving benefits:

  • Fewer "skips" and "overlaps" for efficient, precise use of materials and money

You use the exact amount of crop input that is needed. By reducing seeding and spraying overlaps, you eliminate wasted seed, fertiliser and fuel and reduce your material and labour costs. And, because there's no accidental "skipping" of areas, you maximise your planted area for a maximum yield.

  • Less compaction and higher yields

IntelliSteer helps control tractor and implement traffic patterns over your acreage. With each operation, you follow the same extremely straight rows, setting up permanent wheel tracks and substantially reducing compaction in the planting and root zone.

  • Time savings and more potential hours of operation

In the open field, IntelliSteer steers for you and helps you line up each row, so you can use faster ground speeds. Lighting quality is no longer a factor since you don't have to refer to conventional mechanical markers. You can spray at night, and you have a greater window of opportunity for planting. You can also work in low-visibility conditions like fog.

  • Less operator fatigue and greater efficiency for less-experienced operators

IntelliSteer guides your tractor while in the row so you can concentrate more on the implement behind, leaving you less fatigued at the end of the day.

The final result? Every plant gets its fair share of crop inputs…and you don’t waste a cent.

New Holland provides four versions of IntelliSteer with varying levels of accuracy to meet the needs of your operation and budget. Applications like seedbed preparation and working near irrigation drips or tapes require extreme precision.


  • Differential correction signal provided by OmniSTAR subscription.**
  • Typical accuracy: +/- 25.4cm

2. DGPS HP (High Performance)

  • Differential correction signal provided by OmniSTAR subscription.
  • Typical accuracy: +/- 10.0cm

3. RTK (Real Time Kinematics)

  • Differential correction signal provided by base station.
  • Typical accuracy: +/- 2.54cm

DGPS and DGPS HP available worldwide. Consult www.omnistar.com for coverage and availability. OmniSTAR is a trademark of OmniSTAR Inc.

Take a closer look at the components of IntelliSteer. New Holland combines the best-quality receivers, sensors and other features to provide you with a highly effective tool to improve the efficiency of your operation.

Currently IntelliSteer is available for New Holland high horsepower tractors. Click here for compatibility listings.

Find out more about GPS.

For more information about IntelliSteer auto steering systems, see your New Holland dealer or download a brochure.

Note: New Holland IntelliSteer auto steering systems provide accurate steering guidance for field operation in adverse conditions such as rain, darkness, dust and fog. However, IntelliSteer cannot "see" obstacles or stop automatically to avoid danger. The operator must remain vigilant and steer or stop the tractor to avoid collisions with obstacles in the field. It is always the operator's responsibility to ensure that visibility is adequate to allow for safe operation of the equipment under any and all adverse conditions.

The accuracy of any guidance system is dependent on satellite communication, field location, terrain, tractor and implement condition and setup, system installation, and calibration. A field demonstration and trial is the best way to determine actual guidance system accuracy in each situation.

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