Precision Slip Rings from Hangzhou Prosper

Hangzhou Prosper was established in 2001 and is the largest and most experienced slip ring manufacturer in China, located in Hangzhou Province.

Prosper has 300 employees and a 6000 m2 plant area. Prosper offer more than fifty types of patented slip rings and joystick designs.

Hangzhou Prosper Slip Rings are widely used in civil and military applications ranging from CCTV security, industrial automation, electronic power generation, measurement instruments, and medical equipment to building construction.

Besides the power and signal combined slip rings, Prosper also supply high frequency rotary joints and hydraulic/pneumatic/encoder hybrid slip rings.

At present, the technologies used in slip rings can be divided into following three categories.

1. Complex block brush:

Carbon block, copper block, silver block, graphite block and Molybdenum disulfide block etc.

2. Single-wire brush: made of precious metal such as AuNi9

3. Fibre brush:

The fibre brush is a bundle of metal wires fixed into a metal tube. The free end of the brush makes contact with the grooves on the conductive ring.

Engineers at Prosper are also able to integrate any of the above technologies to design slip rings as per customer's specific request and requirements.