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Preco 7610 Series LED Rotating Beacon

Supplier: APS Lighting & Safety

Brand: Preco Safety Origin: USA

Price Guide: POA

The 7610 Series are true rotating LED beacons. They feature a durable die-cast aluminum base with a removable lens, rotating mirror, parabolic reflector module, vibration resistant power supply and control circuitry, stepper motor and 4 high power LEDs.
The rotating beacon offers better visibility in fog conditions as it allows the operator to determine the location of the beacon. Conversely strobes send light in all directions at once making it difficult to pinpoint the source. The 7610 series also avoids the problems found in brushed DC motors and associated gear drive by using a direct drive stepper motor. A direct drive stepper motor has much greater reliability than a brushed DC motor and gear assembly because the only moving parts are the shaft and rotor which are supported by two sealed bearings. The stepper motor uses magnetic induction to rotate the rotor and shaft. There are no electrical brushes or other contacts that can wear out. The ball bearings used are very long life components.
Rotating Beacons provide better location visibility in fog / poor visibility conditions offering better visibility in all conditions
LEDs offer an advantage over the Xenon Flash strobes through improved reliability, durability and reduced current draw
Peak flash intensity of LED rotating beacons tends to be higher than LED strobes
The 7600 series uses a direct drive stepper motor
Low amperage draw 1.7A/12V
The 7600 series does not cause radio interference, a problem common to Xenon strobe lamp

Flash / Min: 7611 Series, 90FPM; 7612 Series 120FPM
IP Rating: IP67
Light Source: 4 x 3W Lumiled Luxeon III side emitting LEDs
Heat Management: Internal heat slug thermally bonded direct to the die cast aluminum base.*
Voltage: 9.8Vdc – 28.8Vdc
Spike Protection: +150Vdc; -40Vdc
Polarity Protection: + or – polarity protective
Connection: Red positive, Black negative 18AWG 8” wires
Warranty: Five (5) year limited warranty

* Please check with your closest APS warehouse for stock availability. The model 7611 & 7612 beacon will soon only be available in Amber

Industrial, Construction, Utility, Heavy Equipment, Agriculture, Port Facility Vehicles ,Large Material Handling Vehicles
Height: 6.2" (157 mm), Dia: 6.4" (161 mm)