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Prenco Environmental Spill Control

Prenco Environmental Spill Control | Spill Control Systems

Prenco Environmental Spill Control

Prenco provides solutions for oils, fuels, chemicals and all fluid spills on land and water. The ability to demonstrate due diligence in the event of a spill has become an important issue today. This involves taking all steps possible to prevent pollution and minimize environmental damage.

When spills occur, even though they might be a rare occasion, having the right:

• Spill Contingency Plan
• Spill Response Resources and Materials
• Trained Personnel - That can carry out the spill plan and use the resources correctly.
• Spill Equipment Maintenance Program - To ensure resources are in good order.

Prenco assist you by providing:

• Spill Risk Assessment is a good place to start, with a Site Survey and Report on the spill risks that identify the potential pollution, safety & environmental hazards.
• Spill Contingency Plans can be provided based on the site survey report and contains emergency spill response procedures, personnel actions, registers and specific site information.
• Spill Response Training on site and spill risk specific, to prepare personnel to respond and follow the Spill Plan.
• Spill Kit Maintenance Service Program regular service to refill and maintain this valuable resource with reports provided, Divider Absorbents,Spill Kits, Spill Containment, Drain Protection, Bunding, Services & Info Divider, Spill Risk Management, Spill Response Training, Absorbent Selection ,Spill Kit Selection

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