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Prenco Environmental Spill Control

Prenco provides solutions for oils, fuels, chemicals and all fluid spills on land and water.

The ability to demonstrate due diligence in the event of a spill has become an important issue today.

This involves taking all steps possible to prevent pollution and minimize environmental damage.

When spills occur, even though they might be a rare occasion, having the right:

• Spill Contingency Plan
• Spill Response Resources and Materials
• Trained Personnel - That can carry out the spill plan and use the resources correctly.
• Spill Equipment Maintenance Program - To ensure resources are in good order.

Prenco assist you by providing:

• Spill Risk Assessment is a good place to start, with a Site Survey and Report on the spill risks that identify the potential pollution, safety & environmental hazards.
• Spill Contingency Plans can be provided based on the site survey report and contains emergency spill response procedures, personnel actions, registers and specific site information.
• Spill Response Training on site and spill risk specific, to prepare personnel to respond and follow the Spill Plan.
• Spill Kit Maintenance Service Program regular service to refill and maintain this valuable resource with reports provided.

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