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Preventative Maintenance Program

Supplier: AAA Door Closers
12 July, 2011

AAA Door Closers offers their customers a Preventative Maintenance Program, tailored to suit their individual automatic door needs.

This can be a planned service within a certain designated time period (2 years, 1 year, 6 months depending on your door usage), to ensure that your doors are operating correctly, are safe and comply with OHS guidelines and are valid to insurance standards.

AAA Preventative Maintenance Programs are beneficial to your company in assisting to prevent costly repairs and inconvenience, when your automatic door operators fail due to preventable circumstances.

During a PMP visit, AAA will:

  • Ensures your automatic operator is working safely to avoid OH&S issues.
  • Locate possible malfunctions and fix the issues before they cause interruption to your business.
  • Automatic operators are operating as per manufacturers guidelines to ensure they are valid under warranty.

A PMP ensures your automatic operators stay in good working condition, and your business can run smoothly without interruption. Contact us today for further information on how a PMP can benefit your company.