Preventing spillages on mine sites

Supplier: Hosch
16 June, 2011

The level of safety has become a focal point across all mine sites today.

Spillage typically occurs at the loading point of a conveyor belt due to material overflow, asymmetric feeding, bouncing material and dust. This combination can be highly dangerous for the safety of employees, plant environment and the environmental conditions.

The HOSCH FD Skirting System is a reliable unit that prevents spillage around the loading point of a conveyor eliminating dangers. The system works through individual stainless steel sealing boards which contain rubber sealing blocks. The blocks can be lined up without gaps to seal the complete loading zone of the conveyor belt.

The benefit of having the individual sealing blocks is that they can be individually adjusted to conform to the belt. The rubber blocks are only in light contact with the belt to give minimized wear with maximized sealing efficiency. In the event that the sealing efficiency is reduced any block can be readjusted individually. The sealing blocks are quick and easy to change when worn, resulting in a simple and smooth process.

One of the first installations of the FD Skirting System took place at the RWE Power Plant Ville, a lignite fired power plant in Germany. At this particular site there are mixed belt widths, high belt speeds and covers that have been installed on some of the smaller belts. The level of spillage that was occurring required immediate attention as it was anticipated that an upgrade of the conveyor line would be inevitable unless a solution was found.

After carefully inspecting each belt, several FD Skirting Systems were installed providing positive and efficient results for the client. The costs of the FD Skirting Systems are minimal in comparison to the upgrade of a complete conveyor line, which would have occurred if an efficient sealing system was not implemented.

The FD Skirting System has sparked the interest from all over the world as one of the best systems to eliminate spillage. This is a positive step forward because safety is a global concern and HOSCH are assisting in the fight against spillage and the problems it causes.