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Preventive Maintenance and Machine Refurbishment Program

Supplier: Hylec Controls By: Rico Gong
21 June, 2018

Hylec has developed a preventive maintenance and refurbishment program that has tripled the life of Marui Concrete Test Cylinder End Face Grinders to over a million samples.

Hylec’s program includes recommended maintenance procedures which are carried out by the customer. Also scheduled machine refurbishment by Hylec prior to the loss of machine grinding accuracy or reliability. 

The refurbishment restores machine to as new condition and includes replacement of all components subject to wear or corrosion. It also includes improvements to the machines flushing system to prevent waste build up in the machine. 

A refurbished machine typically grinds the cylinder end face flat to better than 30 micron and square to the cylinder sides to within 0.5 degrees. This is well within the Australian test standard. 

A refurbishment is recommended after a machine has ground about 300,000 samples. Many machines have had 2 refurbishments, meaning they have ground over a million samples. Refurbishment halves the cost of machine ownership compared to machine replacement. 

Hylec now offers a Water Recirculation system to use with Grinder with improved waste settlement and easier cleaning. A cleaner water supply prevents contamination of machine components. 

To ensure 100% machine availability, Hylec offers a replacement for use during refurbishment. 

Grinding of concrete test cylinder end face has now replaced sulphur or rubber capping in the larger labs. This is because grinding ensures that samples do not suffer from end failure and the test results are higher and more consistent.