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Prince William and Catherine Middleton in Horsley Park

Supplier: Austral Bricks
03 April, 2012

Like so many around the world celebrating the impending royal wedding, here at Austral Bricks we also wanted to be a part of this celebration in our own very unique way.

Brick Art has transformed the way people think about the use of bricks and highlights how far the humble brick has come.  From a strong, sturdy and durable material to one that is bold, fashionable and visually stunning.
The official unveiling was carried out live on channel seven’s Sunrise program with a direct cross from Mel and Kochi in London.
As our very first double brick art wall, it is exciting to be able to commemorate a royal wedding and be able to celebrate such a memorable occasion.
Facts and Figures

  • There are 8,300 Full Bricks and 7,500 half bricks used to build both walls.
  • The bricks are Glazed from both our Dynasty and Burlesque Ranges
  • The bricks used are a standard 230 (l) x 110 (w) x 76 (h)mm
  • The bricks were laid using traditional bricklaying techniques, with standard mortar joints
  • They were laid by John Langan Bricklaying and his team – 2 Bricklayers and 3 labourers
  • It took the bricklayers 10 days to build both walls
  • Each wall is 10m x 10m in area – 100m2
  • This is the fourth portrait profile we have done on our Horsley Park site. Previous walls were Michael Jackson, Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey.