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Procal 5000 Continuous Emission Monitoring Analyser

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The Procal 5000 continuous emission monitoring analyser is designed for in stack analysis of gas phase stack emission components.

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Utilising absorption spectroscopy the instrument stores and analyses a full UV spectrum and using advanced mathematical techniques calculates the emission concentrations. The Procal 5000 system is a fully integrated stack gas analyser with built in auto zero/calibration facilities.

The instrument will report concentrations of stack gas pollutants either through the Procal Analytics Analyser control Unit (ACU) or Personal Computer (PC) running Procal Analytics Analyser Control Windows (ACW) software.

An-in stack heater (ISH) is optionally supplied when process conditions are liable to result in water vapour condensing in the analyser sample cell. The on stack analyser consists of two main parts:

The main instrument housing, which is manufactured from cast aluminium and rated to IP65 \ NEMA 4X. This custom designed housing has many benefits including two separate compartments, ribbed cooling fins to allow good heat dissipation and hinged covers for easy maintenance.

The main upper compartment houses the optical components consisting of an ultra violet source and Procal designed and manufactured robust diode array spectrometer. In a second compartment with separate access a mains power supply, microprocessor and auto zero \ calibration module are located.

Procal Analytics unique in-situ sample cell with its auto/zero calibration capability is attached to the aluminium housing. The use of the advanced in-situ sample cell thereby avoids the need to extract a sample from the stack. Thus, the use of costly high maintenance sample handling systems is eliminated.

Sintered stainless steel filter panels fitted to the sides of the in-stack measuring cell allows the permeation of stack gas whilst preventing the ingress of dust and particulates.

The envelope thus formed allows the introduction of zero and span gas enabling the system to be fully verified on stack. Complies with US EPA 40 CFR part 60 and 75.

The Analyser Control Unit (ACU), or a PC running Procal analyser control software for Windows displays gas concentrations of each of the monitored components along with information on sample condition diagnostic data and trends. The information can be retransmitted in the form of 4 - 20mA current outputs (one per measured component), parallel printer output and optional RS232C serial output.

The ACU or PC can support up to four optical head units of any Procal analyser type. Analyser control unit (ACU) data sheet 7-3008 Analyser control software for PC (ACW) data sheet 7-3023The analyser controls an integral auto zero unit. On command the unit will check and if necessary adjust zero by introducing instrument air into the probe thereby forcing out sample gas and establishing a true zero.

If required the unit can then introduce a known concentration of test gas into the sample cell thereby establishing the calibration point, if required the unit will then auto calibrate. In the event of power loss to the analyser or too low sample temperature the integral auto zero unit will purge the sample cell with air.

This is done to prevent highly corrosive condensates forming in the sample cell. If the analyser is to operate in a stack or duct near or below dew point an optional in-stack heater is fitted: The temperature of this unit is controlled by an output.

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