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Process Automation Suite - Maxiflex

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Specialised solutions for Distributed Process Control, Remote I/O Systems, RTU's, Alarm and Event Management, and Signal Conditioning.

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Features of Process Automation Suite - Maxiflex:

  • Modular and Scaleable "Buy what you need"
  • Graphical User Programming
  • IEC61131 Programming Languages
  • Integrated Remote I/O sub systems
  • Program-less Data Acquisition
  • Powerful Built in Telemetry Functions
  • Integrated Networking Architecture for Ethernet, Conet, Modbus
  • OPC Servers for Windows Applications
  • Easy SCADA and DCS access

Process Automation Suite - Maxiflex

The Process Automation Suite - Maxiflex provides an easy to use, cost effective and expandable process control system. Integrated Control Software utilizing IEC61131 standard software languages, Data acquisition, Telemetry, Remote I/O systems capability and the ability to incorporate and integrate existing hardware systems makes this Omniflex Solution a System Integrators dream.

Modular, "Buy only what you need"

The Process Automation Suite - Maxiflex is a modular system comprises the following elements:

  • IEC 61131 Control Strategy Programming Environment with a Windows based PC Workbench
  • The Maxiflex Process Automation Controllers Series and associated I/O Hardware Platform
  • The Maxiflex Flexible Networking Environment and Networking hierarchy.
  • The Maxiflex Remote I/O Systems capability
  • Under the bonnet Data Acquisition and Telemetry functionality
  • Integrated Alarm and Events Services(Date and Time Stamp Queue)
  • OPC servers for a variety of Network Protocols including Ethernet.
  • IEC 61131 Workbenches Control Strategy Programming

The WorkBenches are price structured according to I/O capability, with a range from 32I/O to unlimited. This allows the user to pay according to the scale of the system. The workbench is a once off cost and can be used with many CPUs. The workbenches are Windows operating systems based.

Wide choice of programming languages for Process Automation Suite - Maxiflex

  • Ladder
  • Function Block
  • Flow Chart
  • Sequential Function Chart
  • Structured Text
  • Instruction List.

Process Automation - Maxiflex - Controllers

The PAC is based on the Maxiflex P3 CPU platform. The Maxiflex Process Automation Controllers (PAC) run the IEC 61131 Control Applications and are available in a number of variants to suit network preferences.

  • Ethernet (with Modbus TCP)
  • Ethernet (Conet)
  • Modbus
  • Conet/c
  • Conet/m (Packet Radio Protocol)

This provides a flexible Network environment satisfying most networked applications and plant topologies. Process Control Applications invariably involve the following functionality for effective implementation.

  • Interlock Controls
  • Analogue Signal Processing
  • Control Algorithms - including PID with Auto-tune
  • Network Communications
  • Alarm and Events Monitoring
  • Date and Time Stamping at source for Sequence of Events monitoring
  • The ability to service Windows based SCADA systems.

The PACs deliver all the above functionality on the standard platform.

Remote I/O Systems

Maxiflex is endowed with the ability to implement hierarchical networks with transparent linking from lowest to highest level and vice versa. The ability to configure seamless routing from Ethernet to a fieldbus network like Conet or even a packet radio system provides system integration tools few can compete with.

Redundant communications can also be simply implemented using modular applications. Field I/O can be collected easily with Analogues Inputs such Temperature being accepted directly along with a wide variety of other analogue and digital inputs and outputs.

Integrating Third Party devices

Maxiflex has direct serial inputs for which protocols can be developed to integrate other devices in the Omniflex Remote I/O system. Devices such as Analytical Instrumentation can be integrated into the system.

Device protocols are developed and downloaded to Network Interface Modules which integrate the foreign device into the Maxiflex Network System.

Flexible Integrated Applications and Services

The Process Automation Suite offers many "under the bonnet" features like date and time stamped events, Telemetry, Auto I/O Scanning which are all standard offerings.

When combined together within a Control System the flexibility of the system becomes apparent, allowing the independent delivery of functionally different services all on a single system.

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