Process Manufacturing

Supplier: SYSPRO Australasia
10 June, 2014

SYSPRO offers process manufacturers a comprehensive set of tools and features to assist in managing the requirements inherent in process operations, including recipe scalability, variable production output and traceability.

The 21st century manufacturer understands the need to be agile, flexible and responsive, and requires a software solution that gives them leverage to use whatever production methods are appropriate.

The software also needs to provide visibility through the manufacturing chain – back to suppliers, along the production process, and up to customers. The software must also be able to integrate with other systems in the production environment. Furthermore, in the modern customercentric world, organisations need to move from being purely transaction-focused to being more relationship oriented, and to improve connections and communication, both internally and externally. 

The challenge is how to achieve these goals in the most efficient, streamlined and cost-effective way possible.

SYSPRO ERP (enterprise resource planning) software provides a fully integrated solution with a comprehensive set of tools to help manufacturers plan, execute and control production in discrete, job shop, process or mixed-mode manufacturing environments. SYSPRO functionality improves core competencies, such as:

  • Providing quotes that are accurate and keep costs under control
  • Calculating lead and elapsed times, and order quantities
  • Planning and scheduling of production
  • Material requirements and capacity planning
  • Managing material, labor and scrap during work-in-progress
  • Integrating with CAD and shop-floor data collection systems
  • Cost control and tracking
  • Performing "what-if" modeling on material, labour and routing costs
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