Process sensors - temperature transmitters for the process industry

Supplier: ifm efector
18 September, 2012

The new temperature transmitters from ifm efector with integrated drift monitoring as well as diagnostic and backup function monitor temperatures with the very high accuracy of 0.2 K.

By monitoring each other the two integrated sensor elements ensure increased process safety. Therefore, occurring drift between the calibration intervals is immediately detected, diagnosed and signalled. If a sensor element fails, the process can be continued with a second measuring element (backup function).

Due to the self-monitoring, the calibration intervals can be increased and maintenance costs reduced. The accuracy of the temperature transmitter TAD is confirmed by the free 5-point calibration certificate supplied with each sensor.

Additionally, the already established probe lengths of 33 mm and 87.5 mm the temperature sensors TAD091 and TAD081 complement the product range by the "intermediate length" of 50 mm. These two sensors are especially suited to the requirements of the process industry. Equipped with IO-Link 1.1 the sensors are of state-of-the-art technology.