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Supplier: Ajax Engineered Fasteners
03 October, 2009

The secret behind the manufacture of quality fasteners is the ability to control and measure processes to ensure the end product conforms to the customers’ requirements.

Ajax EF employs the latest quality assurance tools and measuring equipment to constantly check the process remains within the limits of the specification.

Types of qualification include:

  • Dimensions by vernier, micrometer and Mectron Qualifier
  • Heat treatment by hardness and mechanical tensile testing
  • Coatings by thickness and salt-spray testing
  • Non-conformances by hand sorting

The process of quality begins at the engineering stage, where the most up-to-date design techniques combine with over 100 years of cold forging experience.

CAD techniques and forging simulators allow accurate prediction of process capability, which means that the most efficient means of meeting customer’s requirements can be determined at the beginning.

Quality inspection is conducted at various stages of the manufacturing process, which detects if a process is moving outside of the critical limits as early as possible and allows correction at the point of deviation.