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Produce more concrete in less than a quarter of the normal time

Supplier: TEK Industry Australia
22 January, 2009

Do you want to produce more concrete in less than a quarter of the time?

Well then T.E.K. Industry Australia is concentrating on one thing only – A Mobile Concrete Batching Plant called the “TEKMIX6000.”

TEKMIX 6000 is an equipment unit full of advantages. It offers a high economic benefit potential through reduction of transportation costs; meanwhile quality gains are also important, since the time from concrete production to its actual use is minimal.

It has adequate installed power so that there is no need to worry about overloading. Thanks to its innovative design and increased productivity speed it can produce up to 150 tones of concrete per hour, 24 hours a day.

With its own inbuilt generator and automatic computer, it has taken concrete production to new heights. Simply programme the machine and it will do the rest.

TEKMIX 6000 is used:

-At urban centres and in congested areas. Aggregates can be transported at most appropriate hours or during the night.
- At extensive project sites, e.g. during construction of motorways and expressways.
- At remote areas or islands, where contractors wish to dispense with their dependence from local concrete suppliers.
- At areas where electric mains are non-existent or deficient.
- In countries where distances are enormous (Russia, Canada, Australia, India etc).
- Additionally T.E.K. Industry Australia is the exclusive distributor of this
machine across the Asia pacific region.

Your productivity will be cemented. So set yourself up with the “TEKMIX6000”. There has never been a more economical, time-saving and invaluable machine than the TEKMIX6000 on the market today.

Learn more about our Lowest Cost per Concrete versatility at www.tekindustryaust.com.au