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Producing a core

Supplier: AEM Cores
18 February, 2010

After designing a core, you move to the production screen.

You need a Unicore machine to do this.

When you first arrive at this screen, you start at the top left hand side and work your way down the left hand edge. The remainder of the screen is used once production has started.

After selecting the machine you can optionally opt to have a number of lamination insertion helpers made to aid with assembling cores. This option only appears for the DUO core, and you only need 2 or 3 sets to make any batch size.

Next you enter the quantity of cores you wish to enter.

At this point the core data is sent to the Unicore machine and we are ready to proceed.

Operation of the machine is done using the machine control panel - NOT UCS software. This is for operator safety.

The operator simply presses the RUN button and production begins. Whenever the HOLD button is pressed, the machine pauses production. At this time the operator may adjust the number of cores in the batch or use the Jump To option - which we will explain in the article "Jump To"