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Product & application of 100412-1 LSIS400i Smart Camera

Supplier: Zone Safety Systems By: Marijana Sabo
10 May, 2010

Do you want better control of your production quality? Have you considered vision inspection systems in the past but found them incredibly complex?

In recent years the trend has been towards smart cameras. These had all the processing contained internally within the camera unit.

Unfortunately while they are cheaper than a full blown PC based system, they are slower and often limited to one or two simple tasks in a modern production line. And while these units are reasonably compact, the additional lighting soon adds bulk to the system size so restrictions on mounting apply.

Newer models now include integrated LED lighting but this has proven in practice to be of little value as the lighting is difficult to control and unbalanced with "hot spots" in the centre of the LED area and dull illumination around making it difficult to set-up an inspection task.

Leuze electronic have just introduced the latest product and have changed all of this and more.

A new patented lens for the integrated lighting now generates a completely balanced illumination area. Free from hot spots and dull areas, tasks can be easily controlled even on moving lines. The new processor is very fast allowing multiple checks or high speed tasks to be done, which were once the realm of PC based systems.

Also banished is the proprietary set-up and configuration software. This has been replaced with a standard internet browser, such as IE and Firefox. As such set-up is simple and intuitive and with jobs able to be saved within the camera, can be recalled quickly.

Another new feature is the integrated automatic focus control. No longer do you have to manually adjust the lens or camera position with a product change, now it is simply recalled with the job and is ready to go within seconds.

A summary of the features for the LSIS400i and the benefits they provide.

  • Two different camera lens options, 8mm and 16mm, depending on resolution and distance required – Able to be applied to most production line applications.

  • Leuze's proven B.L.O.B. (Binary Large OBject) analysis software - very simple to use and all configuration is via fast Ethernet communication. – Using a standard internet browser allowing quick and simple set-ups and requires minimal training.

  • Eight freely configurable digital I/O – Can be interfaced to existing control systems with a great degree of flexibility.

  • Serial data output of pre-configured information after processing the image – Allows data to be sent back to a SCADA or HMI for data-logging or further processing.

  • Unique automatic motor driven focus of the lens – Automatic focus changes are linked to job files, providing fast product change over without operator intervention required.

  • Patented internal lighting system which is user adjustable (by software) and provides a completely homogeneous light across the entire image – stable lighting provides reliable and fast image processing.

  • Built-in software package, displayed in your web browser, which means there is no need to install any software on your PC. – no proprietary software to lose or learn.

  • All configurations are by fast Ethernet, and the camera can also sit on any DHCP server for programming adjustments over server from any connected PC. – Real time images allows fast set-up and verification of tasks, even remotely.

  • Industrially robust self contained metal housing with glass optics window for easy cleaning – built to survive industrial applications and environments.

  • Simple connection with industry standard M12 type connectors – standard, available and compact. Easy to install and use.

  • LCD feedback display (backlit) with soft-key buttons which can be used for some limited configuration functions – See what is going on without having to plug in a PC.