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Product expansion - modular retaining solutions

Supplier: Modular Wall Systems
01 August, 2014

SlimWall - The first fencing system that offers an integrated retaining solution.

Ideal for all stepped blocks, our modular retaining solutions are more cost-effective than a block retaining wall whilst maintaining an attractive and seamless look on the low side of the wall.

Our new SlimWall retaining panel, the TerraFirm50, has just passed through our rigorous test regime and is due for full scale production in less than two weeks. This will be the first fencing system in the market which offers a retaining solution whilst maintain a continuous and seamless look.

This added feature will be suitable for sites which have stepped blocks or sloping grounds that need to be levelled out. With a cost-effective SlimWall retaining solution, no longer is there a need to build an expensive block wall.

The TerraFirm50 can retain up to 500mm of soil (non- surcharged loads)

Further developments to the existing TerraFirm75 Retaining Panel through continuous development, Modular Wall Systems has increased the retaining height within our modular retaining wall solutions for our Vogue and Estate wall systems.

Our revised TerraFirm75 retaining panel has increased its capacity from the current 600mm to 750mm retaining (non-surcharged loads).

With a vast array of retaining wall products to cater to all specifications, we are confident of delivering stylish and innovative solutions to our clients.