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Product Training

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A bolted joint is only ever as good as the fasteners that hold it together.

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Product Training

Too often joint integrity is compromised by the use of sub-standard and poor quality fasteners, risking catastrophic failure and the consequences that follow.

In 95% of all joint failures attributed to fastener fracture, the root cause has been incorrect specification or misuse. Lack of education is a significant contributor to the problem. Ajax Engineered Fasteners has been conducting product training in Australia for many years, and now presents updated versions of all the material.

This training program will provide engineers, architects and purchasers to correctly specify fasteners, which will help to eliminate the the use of sub-standard fasteners from critical applications.
In the coming weeks, new material will be made available for downloading from this site.

  • Bolting Principles
    Covers the mechanics of bolted joints, tensioning methods, bolt anatomy, threads profiles and their uses, terminology, surface finishes and the detrimental effects of corrosion.
  • Mechanical Properties
    Covers tensile strength (UTS), yield strength, proof load, load vs elongation, load / stress relationships, shear strength, torque vs tension, harness, toughness, ductility and Grade and Property Class designations.
  • High Tensile Bolts
    Covers the specifics of fasteners that have had their mechanical properties improved by heat-treatment processes: Property Class 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 and Grades 5 and 8
  • Commercial Bolts
    Covers the specifics of commercial bolts that fall under the general description of 'low tensile': Commercial Property Class 4.6 and BSW Mild Steel
  • Structural Bolts
    Covers the specifics of high strength structural bolts made in accordance with AS 1252 and their appropriate use under AS 4100
  • Nuts
    Covers the correct specification and use of standard nuts and prevailing torque locknuts
  • Earthmoving Fasteners
    Outlines the types and mechanical properties of fasteners designed for use in the manufacture and maintenance of crawler equipment: track bolts, plow bolts, split master link bolts, segment bolts and wheel bolts.
  • A9 Super High Tensile Bolts
    Outlines the mechanical properties and correct usage of the Ajax Engineered Fasteners range of A9 Deep Hex Head Super High Tensile Bolts
  • Manufacturing Processes
    Covers the various processes used during manufacturing to ensure the finished fastener meets the specifications including cold forging, hot forging, thread rolling, wire drawing, heat treatment, shotr blasting, case-hardening, testing and surface coating
  • Failure Investigation
    Outlines the step taken by Ajax technicians to ascertain the cause of bolt fracture and recommend corrective action. Includes case studies