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Productivity hacks part 5: Tips for boosting output

Supplier: Mitrefinch Australia By: Katrina Hall
27 April, 2015

HR professionals across Australia are seeking new and innovative solutions for boosting workplace productivity. In this fifth instalment of our popular ‘Productivity Hacks’ blog series, here are some interesting examples to consider for boosting output:

Fight back from a bad day

This first tip comes courtesy of Life Hacker, Kristin Wong. She says that if you happen to have an unproductive day, and you are now faced with a mountain of unfinished tasks, taking the time to plot out a recovery schedule will have a better impact on your productivity than just launching straight into work again like a bull in a china shop. Take a moment to recoup and set yourself a plan of attack.

Track your jobs as they go

Keep an eye on jobs as they are progressing instead of waiting until the end or waiting for your customers to tell you it’s taking too long. Mitrefinch job and labour costing software is able to break the day down into the pieces of work and then report back as required to management with each of those pieces of work – how much time it has taken, what has been done etc. That information can be compared to their plan or schedule to double check things are on task and not falling behind. It all feeds into productivity requirements.

Avoid the big three

The results are in. The top three culprits behind lost productivity in the workplace, as voted for by Australians, are excessively long meetings, IT problems* and heavy traffic. The more you know! The trick now is to avoid those things like the productivity killers that they are.

*Mitrefinch customers can be heartened! Our friendly support team are on hand to assist with any issues that may arise.

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Chris from Sell & Parker