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Productivity Solutions

Supplier: Hasemer Materials Handling

Hasemer Materials Handling has a range of lifting and moving solutions to increase the productivity of your operations whilst improving safety for your employees.

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These include:

  • Electric chain hoists: single, two or variable speed, lifts up to 120m, capacity up to 5,000 kg
  • KB Crane System: monorails or bridge cranes with bends, switches, turntables, capacity up to 1,250kg and spans up to 8 metres.
  • Overhead travelling cranes: up to 5 tonnes, custom designed for your operations
  • Jib Cranes: either pillar or wall mounted, slewing up to 270º, load capacity up to 1,000kg and jib arms up to 7 metres.
  • Vacuum Lifting: up to 500kg load capacity, gentle yet safe and strong lifting, 180º tilting available with attachments for bags, drums, chipboard, glass, and many other surfaces.
  • Portable gantry cranes: a range of models that enable your gantry crane to be moved and stored wherever you want. Capacity up to 1,500kg.
  • Electric Towing tug: enables a single operator to easily move loads up to 750kg. For internal or external use.
  • Spring Balancers: loads up to 100kg, strong design and reliability, reduce the risk or injury at work and increase productivity.

Tobi Electric Tug - The Smart Move

Tobi is a low-cost, safe, easy-to-operate towing unit that reduces risk of worker injury and increases productivity.

Developed and made in Australia, Tobi allows one operator to move up to 750 kg with ease. It is the most cost-effective way to move heavy loads in confined areas, up and down lifts, over carpeted areas or wherever you need to move anything. Take into account minimal maintenance, and you'll find Tobi will pay for itself very quickly.

Partners to Tobi are an innovative motorised trolley system called Tobi's Dolli and the "3-in-1" Tobi's Mate. This can be either a flat top trolley easily converted to hold cartons or crates, or you can use Tobi's universal wire basket. Simply assemble Tobi's Mate to suit your needs.

Other features include:

  • Fail Safe Operation. When the throttle is released Tobi slows down safely and slowly. The brake engages automatically to bring Tobi to a complete stop without jarring or unbalancing the load.
  • Free Wheeling Hubs allow the operator to disengage the drive mechanism and move Tobi into or out of freewheel mode. A simple twist and click movement of the hub re-engages the drive.
  • Unique Towbar Connector allows the operator to attach movable trolleys in a quick, single-handed action.
  • Authorised Operator Use Only. A removable key ensures only authorised personnel can operate Tobi.

Spring Balances

Spring balancers are the perfect tool for reducing employee fatigue whilst increasing productivity and safety. They can be used to support welding guns, spray guns, hand tools, crane pendant controllers and any other item of equipment that you require to be supported during normal operations

When properly installed, the tool or piece of equipment becomes almost weightless for the operator making it easier and safer to use. Able to support weights up to 180kg and with stroke lengths up to 2.5m, Hasemer Materials Handling's range of spring balancers can fit your needs.