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ProEdge - Manufacturing Excellence Program

Supplier: QMI Solutions

QMI Solutions has developed a new 5-day workshop for SMEs that will provide the tools for Manufacturing Excellence.

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ProEdge - Manufacturing Excellence Program

QMI Solutions has developed a new 5-day workshop for SMEs that will provide the tools for Manufacturing Excellence.

Why is that important? As competition increases, companies are finding that there are still huge opportunities to turn their manufacturing operations into a competitive advantage by consistently delivering quality, cost, flexibility and lead time benefits to their customers.

What are the benefits of Manufacturing Excellence?

  • increased capacity throughput
  • reduced operating expenses
  • reduced inventories
  • improved cultural change
  • improved quality and reduced scrap/rework
  • reduced lead times and greater supply chain responsiveness
  • improved participation, communication and collaboration across the supply chain
  • improved fulfilment of order winning criteria of your customers - cost, quality, lead time, and flexibility

What is Manufacturing Excellence?

World Class Manufacturers are those that drive their performance with proven best practices. It is common for companies to be conscious of measuring and improving performance, but few know what actually drives that performance.

The reason being that few of us formally recognise the link between practices and performance and lack a system for tracking our progress. The ProEdge Program helps you focus on best practices that drive your performance and provide a system to track your “practices maturity”.

At this exciting program you will learn:

  • what world class manufacturing is and how to apply it in your company
  • the key success factors for manufacturing in today's global economy
  • the foundations of world class manufacturing
  • how to put money in the bank with the six pillars of world class manufacturing
  • the importance of measuring your organisation's practices maturity
  • how to determine your priorities for improvement efforts and create a roadmap for you to follow

ProEdge is a manufacturing excellence program that helps companies apply World Class Manufacturing (WCM) best practices to ensure improved and sustainable performance.

How is the ProEdge Program structured?

ProEdge is a 5-session program with each full day session run at 2 week intervals.

Your company enrols participants from management and operational functions.

A team of experts from QMI Solutions and other firms will facilitate the training which includes presentations, interactive discussions and over 30 practical exercises to maximise the learning.

The number of participating companies is set between 8 and 12 to allow networking, cross-pollination of ideas and peer evaluation whilst maximising effectiveness.

ProEdge workshops are flexible to your requirements. You can attend specific industry sector, mixed business or organise your own in-house program.

How mature is your organisation?

By not knowing your "practices maturity", you cannot gauge what is driving your performance. In other words, you are missing the opportunity to drive better business performance.

The stages of practices maturity look like this:

Stage 1 - No best practices used and the company revolves around crisis management and ad hoc responses.

Stage 2 - Clearer understanding of company direction, imparted effectively by management.

Stage 3 - There is an ownership of practices at shop floor, middle management and senior management levels.

Stage 4 - Practices are constantly being honed and refined. Management is consultative and the company is utilising technologies to improve performance throughout the entire supply chain.

Stage 5 - Best practices are a 'way of life'. Management has adopted a mentoring style with the company and its supply chain business partners.

This radar chart illustrates an effective way to capture your organisation's maturity across all these practices.

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