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Proficy Workflow

Supplier: GE Intelligent Platforms Embedded Systems

How do you know if your operators are following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?

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With Proficy Workflow, you can leverage Electronic Work Instructions and Corrective Action to reduce variation in performance, cost and quality - for more consistent work processes, compliance and brand protection. You can digitize and track work processes ranging from quality management and HACCP monitoring to Emergency Response and troubleshooting / rework. With Proficy Workflow, you can make every operator an expert - for a true sustainable advantage.

Imagine that every worker is your best worker – and that every work process is a best practice. With Proficy Workflow, you can reduce the variation in performance, cost, quality and brand protection, achieving a new level of operational excellence.

As a Work Process Management software system, Proficy Workflow enables power users and domain experts to digitize manual and automated processes with one tool – capturing process, traceability and quality data across systems to reduce errors, waste and delays. You can manage by exception, orchestrate production and achieve event-based, data-driven results.

Built on the Proficy SOA platform, Proficy Workflow also is third-party extensible and enables composite solutions, enhancing the value of existing MES, HMI and ERP systems.

  • Achieve the power and results of BPM and SOA in your production operations
  • Digitize manual and automated processes with one tool – without custom code
  • Record execution data to close the loop on performance and improvement
  • Prove that you have control of your process and ease compliance with validated system support / eSignature
  • Manage by Exception - Act quickly based on real-time events
  • Replicate workflows across your business using libraries and templates
  • Non-programmers quickly create automated processes that impact your business every day

Use Proficy Workfow to:

  • Orchestrate high-level processes and manage the data between systems
  • Digitize GMP Tasks
  • Digitize SOPs and Work Instructions - including eSignature
  • HACCP Monitoring Procedures and Corrective Action
  • Alarm and Event Response, Corrective Action
  • Manual Assembly Error-Proofing
  • Plant Task Management
  • Decision Wizard
  • Line, Workcell, Machine Setup

Results of Digitizing

  • Lean your processes – improve, eliminate and automate steps
  • Automate information flow from Plant2Enterprise and Enterprise2Enterprise
  • Integrate people and their roles / functions
  • Customize to individuals’ work styles and decision making
  • Manage and audit your production processes more effectively and consistently